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Clients We've Served
A.E. Staley, Air Products, BP Oil, Boise Cascade, Bristol Myers Squibb, Carolina Eastman, Champion International, Ciba-Geigy, Dow Corning, du Pont, Ethicon, Exxon, FEMA Grant Programs, Ford Motor Company, G.E. Plastics, General Electric, General Motors, Georgia Pacific, Gold Kist Inc., Golden Poultry Inc., Inco Alloys International, ITT Rayonier, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, LEPC Grant Programs, Long Island Lighting Co., MacMillian Bloedel, Martin Marietta, Mid-Valley Pipe Line, Monsanto Company, NASA, Occidental Chemical, Olin Corporation, Ortho-Diagnostic Systems, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz, Schering Plough, Shell Oil, Sun Oil Company, Syntex Agri-Business, USA * USAF * USCG, USN * USMC, US Treasury, Vertex Chemical, Westinghouse, Willamette Industries, Xerox, And Numerous Trans. Companies; Fire, EMS; Enviro Groups; Law Enforcement Agencies; Educational Institutions and Special Interest Groups , and more!



"Train At Your Location!"


Enhancing Operational Readiness & Performance!

Better Preparing Those Who Respond!
Teaching A Timely and Effective Response Strategy !




 Safety Systems Emergency Counter-Measure Services provides a
    vital and important service to Government, Public Safety, Industry and
    Military Groups in providing realistic and practical operational
    readiness exercises to enhance emergency planning, response and
    management capabilities for both strategic and tactical operations.






 Safety Systems' ODP (HSEEP) trained exercise evaluators have years
    of "street experience" working actual incidents in multiple discipline
    The exercises offer a realistic approach assisting emergency responders
    and managers/planners toward a Timely and Effective Response





For more details contact...

Safety Systems Emergency Counter-Measure Services
P O Box R White Springs, Florida 32096 USA
Phone: 386-963-3100 Fax: 386-963-1018
and/or Haz Mat 1 Rapid Response
Phone: 800-963-4610


Consider hosting a Safety Systems Program.
For more information call (386) 963-3100.


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