Ron Gore

Mr. Gore is the Founder/President and General Manager of Safety Systems who in 1977 in Jacksonville, Florida co-founded the first Public Safety Haz Mat team in the United States and served 25 years with the Jacksonville Fire Department as Captain of the team. He also co-owned two commercial contractor companies which responded to emergencies throughout the southeastern US.

Mr Gore is a proven and tested Fire, Rescue and Haz Mat veteran responder and is a Leak, Spill and Fire Control specialist and innovator. He brings over 40 years of "street-smart" experiences in Command and Control Operations to the programs.




Bill Walters

Mr. Walters is Vice-President of Safety Systems and a 32-Year Emergency Response Veteran and was directly involved in the development and implementation of criteria for the first Haz Mat courses offered at the National Fire Academy. His background includes Industrial Gas Specialist and Public Safety (Career and Volunteer) Emergency Response Experience.

Mr. Walters has participated in the Development of Emergency Response Groups throughout the United States and International Territories. He brings to the classroom a practical approach to Emergency Preparedness, Response and Mitigation.


John Wright

Mr. Wright is a 37-year Public Safety Emergency Response Veteran (Retired) serving with Palm Beach County, Florida - One of Florida's largest and busiest response areas. He served as Special Operations Chief - Haz Mat, Confined Space, High Angle, Collapse, WMD, Dive/Water, and Trench Rescue Operations.

Mr. Wright has participated in Emergency Responses within his community and on special assignment in other locales.

He served both in the Tactical and Strategic Command areas and brings to the program proven response strategies and tactics.






Murray Chappell



We are sad to report that Murray Chappell passed away on September 16, 2010
following a brief illness.
We will miss him greatly. He was a true friend and professional.

Mr. Chappell served in the United States Coast Guard for 35-years. Areas of expertise include Confined Space, Tech Rescue, WMD, Hazardous Materials... Emergency Response and Environmental Compliance Enforcement and Recovery.

He also served as a group supervisor and senior instructor with the Coast Guard and was instrumental in the development of over 25 engineering courses. In addition, he provided expertise in Rapid Response and Support for the Coast Guard's Atlantic Strike Team. Mr. Chappell brings a wealth of technical and practical experience to the programs.


Safety Systems



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